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FLIGHT [2013]

Flight  it is an event that explores the potential of the gang walking actions as a proposal for a choreographic intervention in the urban space. The constant following becomes intensity for the body's permanence.  During this duration of the walk, the air delineates the edges of the body and the whole body influences the movements of the air present in space. Each space has its own air and each  Flight  also. The strategies of each in relation to the other allow the unstable synchrony of the whole generating a contagion zone. Decisions on how to act as a group can be individual or emerge from the flight itself, which configures a field of collective forces and self-managed synchronicity.


Co-direction |  Isis Andreatta, Julia Viana, Juliana Melhado and  patricia arab

Creation and dance \  Carolina Minozzi, Isis Andreatta, Julia Viana, Juliana Melhado, Arab Patricia and guest dancers​

Soundtrack |  Rafael Montorfano and Tom Monteiro

Photos | 

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