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DANÇA QUE SE DANÇA [2019] - Instituto Olga Kos  

Inspired by the artist Hélio Oiticica's (1937-1980) relationship with dance, the montage has as its proposal to show a dance that is built “outside the standards”, but which has the strength to dialogue with different circuits and which demonstrates autonomy, freedom and respect the difference. 

The presentation is part of the closing of the project.  Bodies in Light,  of the IOK, carried out by a multidisciplinary team of the institute - made up of pedagogues, psychologists and dance instructors, among other professionals - in six partner organizations spread across the city of São Paulo, and which for six months in 2019  worked together in the process of creating the show, through dance workshops.  

Founded in 2007, IOK is a non-profit association for cultural inclusion, which develops artistic and sporting projects to primarily serve children, young people and adults with intellectual disabilities and at social risk. In art workshops, the institute seeks to publicize the country's cultural and artistic diversity, encourage the practice of art and expand the communication and expression channels of the participants.

This project was artistically directed by Gustavo Paulino and as a dance team xs  artists Isis Andreatta, Camila Miranda and Ricardo Januário.

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