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Dance collective currently composed  by the artists Isis Andreatta, Julia Viana, Juliana Melhado and Patrícia Virgínia. Formed in 2009 and acting in the context of contemporary dance, VÃO develops its artistic work by investigating forms of self-management and collective direction in its creative processes.


Graduated in Dance from the State University of Campinas, they followed together from this meeting in search of their way of living and existing as an independent collective in the city of São Paulo.


Interests to these four  women understand dance enhanced by the different forms of relationship they can establish with the public and experience the collective constructions that involve the body in a state of contagion.


The group's main creations are: FIM (2018), No hay banda is all playback (2017), Move Cover (2016), Voo (2013), Who with pigs mixes bran eats (2013), Bando (2012), Instantaneous just not (2010) and Van des transit (2009).

Grupo VÃO - 

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