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Snapshot just doesn't  is a site specific dance performance created from the observation of daily life at the São Paulo Cultural Center, from the dialogue between dance and audiovisual installation, between face-to-face image and recorded image, between public and private. The work is close to elements of the work “cinema-system” by the artist Ricardo Basbaum, created exclusively for the São Paulo Cultural Center and exhibited in 2009.

Based on the experience of carefully observing the CCSP's Central Garden, the performance not only explores spatial and architectural issues placed there, but also relates to the regulars and their ways of composing the daily life, of living together and making the physical space present. a composition in which the dance can be seen live or mediated by an installation of five televisions that display images previously recorded by cameras spread out in hidden points of the CCSP and which, during the performance, are displayed concomitantly with live images captured from the same angles , in order to reveal attention to different views of the choreographic work, architecture, gestures and space flows.

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Conception |  group vai​

Performance and creation |  Ana Maria Krein, Beatriz Barros, Carolina Minozzi, Isis Andreatta, Juliana Melhado, Mariama Palhares, Patricia Arabe and Paula D'Ajello​

Plastic Artist |  Pedro Campaign​

Audiovisual Conception |  Fernando Catto

Soundtrack |  Guest​

Collaborating Artist |  Renato Ferracini​

Costumes |  Patricia Sayuri

Support |  Fire Theater


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