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[2023 - 2021] DAS Choreography - DAS Gratuate School - Amsterdam University of Arts / Academy of Theater and Dance 

[2023 – 2018] Formação Profissional em Eutonia (educação somática) no Instituto Brasileiro de Eutonia em São Paulo/BR.

[2020] 4a. Edição do Programa Avançado de Criação em Artes Performativas - PACAP 4 / Fórum Dança. Lisboa/PT. 

[2014] Mestrado em Artes na Cena na UNICAMP - com suporte de Lume Teatro e FAPESP - Campinas/BR

[2010 - 2009]  Gradução em Dança (bacharel) e Licenciatura em Artes na UNICAMP - Campinas/BR.

Isis Andreatta (1988)



[2023 - 2021] DAS Choreography master`s program - Amsterdam/ND. 

[2022 – 2018] Professional Formation in Eutonia (somatic education) at the Brazilian Institute of Eutonia - São Paulo/BR

[2020] 4th Program for Advanced Creation in Performative Arts [Fórum Dança] - Lisbon/PT

[2014] Master in the Arts of the Scene at UNICAMP - supported by Lume Teatro and FAPESP - Campinas/BR.

[2010 - 2009] Graduation as Bachelor in Dance and Dance Education at Arts Institute from UNICAMP - Campinas/BR.

Isis Andreatta is a Brazilian artist from São Paulo, now in movement between Lisbon and Amsterdam.


She works mainly as choreographer, performer and art educator. Her artistic practice has been focused on the emergence of movement with interest in investigating non-hierarchical relationships between perception, imagination and physicality. She's been interested in contexts involving a practice of the interdisciplinarity among knowledge situated in the frontiers between art, therapy, philosophy and politics such as: contemporary clinic in mental health, principles of somatic education, decolonial philosophies and cultural studies.


In 2021, she started a Master in Choreography in DAS / Amsterdam where she is working on her current solo piece “Green abyss” which started in 2020 at the 4th edition of the Programme for Advanced Creation in Performative Arts of Fórum Dança in Lisbon curated by João dos Santos Martins in collaboration with Alina Folini Ruiz, Natália Mendonça and Sara Marques.


She's part of the Grupo VÃO since 2009 where together with Julia Viana, Juliana Melhado and Patrícia Árabe works as co-director and performer in several dance research and creation projects with a focus on collective direction. The most importants creation and projects by Grupo VÃO is “Escândalo” [2020/2021]; “FIM” [2018]; “Como viver só em bando” [2017]; “No Hay Banda é Tudo Playback” [2017]; “Move Cover” [2016]; “Quem com porcos se mistura farelo come” [2013] and “bando” [2011]. 


In 2015 she created the solo "Vitreo" in collaboration with Gustavo Lemos (sound designer) through a selected project  for a public funding for first choreographic works financed by the State Secretary of Culture of São Paulo. 


Since 2015 she has expanded her practice by entering the interface between therapeutic care and contemporary dance. In collaboration since 2017 with Rafael Costa and Fernando Ramos, she’s a co-coordinator of the Open Theater and Clinic Group, a context of artistic and clinical approach with people undergoing psychiatric treatment.


As performer she has been working in collaboration with other artists, choreographers and researchers, having worked with Nuno Ramos, Marcela Levi & Lucia Russo, Clarice Lima, Renan Marcondes, Holly Cavrell and others. 

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