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DOUBLE MEMBRANES (2015) by Mariana Costa - Elástica Collective

“Membranas Duplo” is a dance performance by Coletivo Elástica that investigates the interactions between the body, the visual arts and architecture. “Membranas Duplo” is part of the “Membranas” project, which is the starting point for research by Coletivo Elástica, which investigates the interactions between the body, the visual arts and architecture. It is a dance performance that focuses on the boundaries of the body, the different notions of interior and exterior and the idea of camouflage. For this, Coletivo explored the vinyl adhesive material in its qualities and characteristics, seeking similarities with the shapes and symbols of the skin.

How many skins do we have? How many layers are needed to mold us into society? What is visible about the skin and what about the body is invisible? The action of taking off becomes a metaphor for the process of revealing our social and identity construction, always looking for what is hidden, what is beyond, what is inside.

"Double Membranes" is a  performance by Coletivo Elástica, which continues the “Membranas” Project, through which the collective developed the dance performances “Membranas Ocupa o Largo”, presented in 2014 at the celebrations of the Bicentennial of Largo da Memória in downtown São Paulo (an event promoted by DPH – Municipal Department of Culture SP) and “Membranas I – Peel It Off” presented from 2013 to 2015 in several locations in São Paulo, in addition to New York, Salvador and Recife.

Realization / Execution: Elástica Collective
Conception / Conception: Mariana Costa and Liene Bosquê
Direction / Directed by: Mariana Costa
Directing assistance / Assistant director: Isabella Gonçalves
Creative performers: Isabella Gonçalves, Isis Andreatta, Joana Ferraz, Larissa Ballarotti, Mariana Costa and Robson Ferraz
Production / Producer: Carolina Goulart
Production assistance / Assistant producer:: Gabriela Alcofra
Costume design / Costume design: Isabella Gonçalves and mariana costa
Costume making / Costume execution: Werly Braz
Images / Images (video) : Jorge Maia and Felipe Brancaglion
Edition / Edition (video): Nuno Cassola Marques

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