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Open Theater Group - Instituto A Casa

Grupo Aberto de Teatro is a project of artistic-clinical practice that resides  and is part of the Day Hospital of Instituto A Casa. The group has existed for over 15  years and is inserted as one of the transdisciplinary devices that make up the institution's treatment proposal. It is currently organized as an open collective and has a shared coordination team.  I have been part of the coordination team since 2015  whose responsibilities for clinical support and artistic direction are collective and part of the group's continued practice.

Among the projects of  creation and scenic experimentation developed by the group include "Três Tempos: Memories of the Shard" [2016], "Butterfly Wings" [2018] and  QOMUM [2019].  

QOMUM [2019]

We will have to be agile, skilful, resourceful, right-handed, diligent, expedient, resourceful, resourceful, helpful, helpful in order to follow bipeds in this national disarray. If the daily call is to return to bestiality, or rather, to be led by what is most aggressive in our humanity, we will be swift in movement and will transform each step into art. Resistance is in the existence and expression of what does not fit in the speech, in the records and is in the sights of authoritarianism.  

If reality is set, our action will be in its materiality. We will want, with Q, what Civilization, with C, is in danger of losing - its QOMUM.  

A community self fiction. A closing and an opening. About not just being death. About creating possible from what is taken for granted. An invented nature like so many. About being life. About composing so as not to fall apart. QOMUM is that - a scenic testimonial, the result of six months of immersion in the artistic-clinical practice developed by Grupo Aberto de Teatro of Instituto A Casa.  

QOMUM was created from the  "Criações do Inqomum" project approved by the PROAC 2018\2019 Technical-Artistic Improvement Scholarship, which consisted of a series of theoretical-practical studies on artistic creation in psychiatric treatment contexts. The project consists of three meetings with three artists who work in different ways in the intertwining of art and madness, in addition to creating an unprecedented performance  and the online publication of a collective creation notebook.


Coordination and artistic direction |

Isis Andreatta, Rafael Costa and Fernando Ramos

Performance and creation |

Eduardo Toscano, Érica Rocha, Fernando Ramos, Flávio Pormorski Lorente, Francisco Lira, Juliana Eloys, Isis Andreatta, Liane Matsumoto, Luciana Bomfim, Pérsio, Rafael Costa, Renata Barros Domingues.

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