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GREEN ABYSS [2020/2021 - in process]

Looking in reverse to repair what has always been despite apparent invisibility. Question of perception and phantasmagoria. Something that incorporates what is already in and outside of you.  The cure. Noise heals. Touch heals. The eyes see other things when they are crossed. The body is not given and it is not obvious. It is image in action. Imagination. To imagine is to change. Going towards the future that presents itself as a ruin. A recurring dream. Body that moves death and disease in order to reactivate life. Tragedy. Curse. Spell. Care is affection and danger at the same time. Poison on the one hand, medicine on the other. A matter of measurement.  


Creation and performance | Isis Andreatta

Sound co-creation | Sara Vieira Marques

Collaboration | Alina Ruiz Folini and Natália Mendonça

Residence | Alkantara Space and Time Space

Photos | victorino courage

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