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DOUBLE designed by Talita Florêncio and Thiago Salas  

DOUBLES  is a project by Brazilian artists Talita Florêncio and Thiago Salas, which since its inception in 2016, has had 10 editions, mostly in the city of São Paulo|Brazil, with the support of one of the most important institutions supporting the arts in Brazil, the SESC.

DUPL•S is an event in the field of improvisation that aims to combine music and dance in some of the contemporary issues of their expressive specificities. Dispensing with previous rehearsals or the construction/preparation of a work in a deferred time, the invited artists form DUALS, in order to deal with the unexpected, the chance and the provisional as resources of an artistic creation between body and sound. It appears as a possibility to re-understand the sense of spectacle and the valorization of the sound-choreographic composition that happens in the moment through bodies that throw themselves at risk, moved by the desire to be present in the adaptive experience of joint creation. This is about the poetry involved between bodies that mold and are conducted without the security and guarantee that something specific will happen, but for the certainty that at least the meeting is enough to provoke the emergence of the different layers of a relationship, producing images, sounds, movements, procedures and intensities. It is proposed to build a provisional grammar that materializes and undoes between languages, developing from the stimuli and agreements established during an intensified presence.


DOUBLE Edition  SESC  Interlagos [2017]

Ricardo Iazzetta + Flávio Lazzarin

Maurício Florez + Rodrigo Olivério

Isis Andreatta + Eduardo Contrera

Danielli Mendes + Thiago Salas 

Residence Edition - SESC Santana

Key Sawao and Flávio Lazzarin

  Juliana Moraes and Luiz Galvão

Isis Andreatta and Pedro Macedo

Érica Tessarolo and Rogério Costa

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