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SUPERNADA [2018] by Clarice Lima

supernode  is a dance event for children in open spaces that is organized in episodes.

Episode 1: I didn't understand anything. Some lost princesses, animals asking for help and strange things running around, like a blue chocolate and a giant bill of money.

Supernada is a choreographic intervention for children that takes place in open spaces. In this first episode we have the participation of the princess lettuce that was devoured by a shark, the twenty reais bill that bleeds, the blue MM's that fell into a flour pot, the hairy peasant woman who entered the house and got dirty with paint, the monster post it pink and more.

Did you see the guava bug turning to stone? Are you a dinosaur riding a bike? Did you see the pink monster running away from the shark? Did you see a banana walking? Have you seen the supernah? Have you seen the popstar dragon? Have you seen a peasant dressed as a man? Did you see the lobster that ate the MM's? Have you seen a house with a head? Have you seen the lion's head? Did you see the money walking around? Have you seen the used gum?



Direction, Choreography and Creation |  Clarice Lima 

Assistant Director |  Aline Bonamin 

Performance and Creation |  Aline Bonamin, Isis Andreatta, José Artur Campos, Manuela Aranguibel Molano, Manuela Arangibel Molano, Marcela Costa, Maurício Alves, Natália Mendonça, Patricia Arabe,   rafi sahyoun  and Vinicius Possal 

Photos |  Clarice Lima or Juliana Hilal 

Production |  Clarice Lima & fine, elegant and sincere people 

Co-production |  Lot #5  Support:  Casa do Povo and Jaca Socks 

Duration |  35 minutes

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