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I present this dance as a blurred reflection image, a bumpy outline, a continuous shape even when paused - a self-portrait of liquid and noisy humor. “Vitreous” is a dance of looking at yourself as you look at the other. What in us is transparency and what is reflection, as well as the nature of glass and the duplicity of its surface, through which it is possible to see the other, transparency, and at the same time see oneself, reflection.


“Vítreo” had as its starting point the interest in exploring in the body the elaboration of a self-portrait in dance. The work problematizes the notion of self-image and the implications of this in relation to movement. The eye and the skin are physical metaphors for the experience of ambivalence between the self and the other, as well as the glass and the duplicity of its surface, which is simultaneously transparent and reflexive. The dance takes place in dialogue with the sound produced by the feedback from contact microphones manipulated live by the musician and composer Gustavo Lemos. The quality of noise is, at the same time, soundscape and body state. Movement and sound are vibrating materialities in space, whose architecture reveals itself as a moving force for the body.  

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Conception, creation and dance | Isis Andreatta

Collaborating Artist | Carolina Minozzi

Provocation  | Cristian Duarte and Renato Ferracini

Sound  | Gustavo Lemos

Light | Cauê Gouveia

Theoretical studies | Renato Jacques

Costumes | Luiza Folegatti and Isis Andreatta

Photos  | João Priolli, Luiza Fonegatti and Gustavo Lemos

Production | Isis Andreatta and Juliana Melhado  

Support | cultural condominium

Project approved by the public notice Cultural Action Program of the State of São Paulo for the assembly and circulation of the first dance works.

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