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SlowSoul by Allyson Amaral [2019]

SlowSoul, a dance solo inspired by British rapper Tricky's first album, called “Maxinquaye”, released in 1995. Artist allyson amaral immerses himself in this sonic universe created in the late 80s and early 90s on the outskirts of Bristol, England. Originally called “sound of Bristol” and later called Trip Hop. From imagery, sound and  The poetic features of the album, allyson amaral approaches in a numb and experimental way the sound universe constructed by Tricky himself. And together, the desire  to blur the boundaries between contemporary dance and different body languages on his own body, he uses the style of Urban Dances called “Jookin Dance/Gangsta Walking”  as the driving force and resistance of a black life in a constant state of alert on street corners.


A project selected by the Cultura Inglesa public notice for the 23rd Cultura Inglesa Festival (2019), SlowSoul debuted within the Festival's dance program and was developed and presented at the Centro Brasileiro Britânico.  In partnership  with allyson amaral i answered for  overall production of the project.



Conception, Direction and Performance: Allyson Amaral
Artistic Collaboration and Dramaturgy: Ana Dupas
Soundtrack Conception: Beth Beli and Jackie Cunha
Light Conception: Fernando Melo
Costume Design: Alex Cassimiro
Costume Production: Leonardo Shamah
Artistic Collaboration in Urban Dance Classes: Cia Fusion de Danças Urbanas (BH-MG)
Production: Isis Andreatta
Photos: Maria Tuca Fanchin

Thanks:  To Cia Fusion de Danças Urbanas composed by Leandro Belilo, Augusto Guerra, Jonatas Pitucho, Silvia Kamyla, Isadora Coelho, Jefferson Siqueira and Wallison Culu for opening the space and training for the hosting of this project.

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