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bunch [2012]

gang  it's a dance  which happens together with the languages of video and photography from the relationship between body, image and urban space, creating a choreographic and audiovisual installation.


From urban interventions carried out at the beginning of the gang creation process, the group developed a research in dance investigating the collective power in the experience of intervening in urban everyday life.  In partnership with artists from other languages interested in capturing, elaborating and crossing images both  choreographic and visual, photographs, videos and projections were created during the process and are part of the show.  

The choreography runs through and extrapolates the installation space in which it takes place, together with images projected on the architecture (video mapping), photographs pasted and hanging on the walls and small installations of objects such as bread, sofa and a television where a small video art is reproduced.

With each gang reassembly, a new relationship and composition is created with the space, making this work change each time it happens.

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Creation, co-direction and performance |  Carolina Minozzi, Isis Andreatta,  Julia Viana, Juliana Melhado and Patricia Arab

Audiovisual design |  Fernando Catto and Luiza Fonegatti​

Costumes |  Grupo Vao and Manuela Romeiro​

Soundtrack |  Rafael Montorfano​

Scenic space |  group vai​

Lighting |  Cauê Gouveia

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