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Work that gave rise to Grupo VÃO in 2009,  Passage Span  is a dance created in an unfinished and abandoned space within the university. With a common motivation to explore the boundaries and conventions of dance, body movement, the space where the scene takes place and the relationship with the audience. The show seeks to establish a collective presence that is powerful and porous, in contrast to the concreteness of an unused, forgotten and unnoticed place.  Objects and materialities buried by time and abandonment are reorganized in order to suggest another life. Two spaces are created. Two environments. The public is invited to look from unusual points of view, at first with more distance, spread out in blocks of people, then around, circling the space, more closely, looking into the eyes. A dance to generate space, inside and outside the body, of exchange, of a sensitive relationship with the other, to be together in an active and receptive way at the same time.

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Eight characters plan a trip, but at the very moment of departure they realize that the place they leave is no longer so familiar, a fact appreciably strange, since they all thought they knew where they were, as if the place had simply become another. They would be lost already, so soon (interrogation). What exactly would have changed (interrogation). Before they could respond, they were suddenly gripped by the realization that they were once again in another territory, but none of them could remember starting the journey.

They had the impression that the territories were incessantly mixing, or perhaps time was passing by different fluxes, and nothing seemed to be able to stand still and simply be something static. Then they realized that even they didn't feel the same anymore, and soon they didn't remember how many there were and didn't even know for sure where the companions ended and began, as if their boundaries were more and more liquid, and their personalities territories in constant movement, that they were in no way different from the environment that now did not seem so external.

As this sense of lack of solidity set in, the group realized that the trip had already started – in fact, it had always been happening – and their itinerary included territories, people, times, ideas, sensations and feelings without it being possible clearly distinguish the boundaries between them, simply because those boundaries were mere inventions.


Design and direction |  group vai

Dance and creation |  Ana Maria Krein, Beatriz Barros, Carolina Minozzi, Isis Andreatta, Juliana Melhado, Mariama Palhares, Patricia Arabe and Paula D'Ajello

​ Guidance |  Holly Cavrell and Renato Ferracini

Spatiality |  Pedro Campanha and Manuela Romeiro

Costumes |  Manuela Romeiro

​ Graphic Art |  Pedro Campanha and Manuela Romeiro

Photos |  João Barison and Manuela Romeiro

​​ Support |  Fire Theater

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