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Whoever mixes bran with pigs eats [2013]

Promoted by the exercise of keeping itself in constant transformation, driven by the collective state of contagion,  Whoever mixes bran with pigs eats  it is an ordinary fall, a bandit act among ourselves.


In this work, we recognize and investigate which forces go through the body when moving through the relationship with the other and the pleasure of dancing together. We created a shared contagion zone with the public, a state of connection and appropriation where the movement of one body reverberates in the other, so that the action of one of us is incorporated by the others and becomes collective, diluting its individual origin.


Whoever mixes bran with pigs eats  is a show that brings the possibility of creation in dance from the idea of a collective body, which precariously establishes a festive environment and proposes a proximity between audience and performer

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Creation, co-direction and dance |  Carolina Minozzi, Isis Andreatta, Julia Viana, Juliana Melhado and Patricia Arab​

Contributing Artist |  Renato Ferracini​​

Soundtrack |  Gustavo Lemos​

Lighting​ |  Cauê Gouveia​

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