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END [2018]

Patrícia: - " Imagine an infinite space. Imagine sinking into darkness and emitting light of your own. Imagine yourself losing form. Imagine entering the dream of the other. Imagine the sound. Imagine being constantly in the encounter. Imagine being able to empty yourself, spill out of the edges" .  

Julia: - " Without seeing what he's doing, where he's going, what lies ahead. Abyss. Opening a game. Walking in the dark. Dancing together."

Carol: - " What is the distance that still generates an encounter? We are in the dark. A sense of the future in suspension. Imagining moves us ".  

Isis: - " Dive together. Imagine. Hear without seeing. Embark on a journey of low light. Create worlds. Without making the other neither prey nor herd. Delicately. Compose without knowing. Trust in encounters and subtleties. In the distances that bring closer In what sprouts. Close your eyes to reinvent.  In the dark. Imagining is action. Seeing is something else. Intuiting is being with. To follow another direction whose distance we do not know.  A lesser light that does not cease to make us see what little remains to be seen. To be far and near. And conspire. Living our ability to die daily. Or even to survive. What terrifies is the light that blinds".  

Juliana: - "May fear be present, prudent, but not paralyze us. May deviant worlds not be exterminated. May another world exist. May death inspire us to act and life does not take the sole path of frustration. It is terrible. It is what it is and what will come. May there still be enough strength to see at the height of the darkness of night the beginning of dawn. May it be allowed to imagine being and composing collective realities beyond the suffocating clusters. Recognizing the contour of the other within the other , find our peers and calculate the distance needed for dreams to exist together"

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Creation, co-direction and dance  |  Carolina Minozzi, Isis Andreatta, Juliana Melhado, Julia Viana and Patricia Arabe.

Dramatic collaboration |  Ana Maria Krein

​ Sound composition |  Gustavo Lemos

Lighting |  Laura Salerno

Space and costumes​ |  Renan Marcondes

Photos​ |  Mayra Azzi


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