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SELF PORTRAIT  in motion [2013] - Residency Ateliê Real/Lisbon  

This was a project of  artistic residence  in  dance and writing performed at Ateliê Real in Lisbon which was part of the master's research I developed  at UNICAMP (State University of  Campinas, sp). The master's research had  as a focus to develop a  theoretical-practical study from the intersection between Mímesis Corporea (Lume Teatro) and my personal experience with dance. This process  culminated in the writing of a text crossed by practices and methodologies  of creation materialized also through a  performative experiment entitled "self-portrait in motion" which was presented at the Blind Date event at Ateliê Real in Lisbon.

"I dissertation in disguise. Discourse. Of course, I make this matter of words a pause, which turned into something else, born of the lived. Discreet. I certainly speak about dance, about the body and creation, but also about me (this other), about the life and about a memory that has become present now, as I write, and now, again, as it reads I discard the answers I give up almost daily I describe movements, experiences and attempts Of right and wrong I rest from formalizations I wake up Desires, in me, at least. Shameless that I am. I deny after lying. Not always.


Writing is like talking about the experience of living, as it was, and still is, at the exact moment you are writing. Transforming life into verb matter and...


Before thinking even thinking,

this straight line

straight and red



to reach your destination: from echoing thought.

Make him a mere harmless breeze,

affectionate with me.

Which it normally isn't.

being him,

the thought, cruel to us


when you think it's a body,

but it is nothing but wind .


I try to find this writing that delights in the flow of a river. There are times when she  it runs over itself, creates a current where you can barely see the bottom. The land below. Other times  trunk from bank to bank, ungoverned, indecisive about the right plumb. I look for words  that they flow into me, that they connect with the state of the dance of silence. I search for the words with the  Ventilated mind, this is usually where they arise concrete and slide. Otherwise, they will be artificialities injected with mundane intentions, they will be wills to  a part of me that's not really worth it. Writing brings me here, makes me talk to  you, that's me there. It makes me like me more, which is you disguised as a reader.

What could happen if I sat down in front of this screen and  solve  write something I still don't know what it is? If I just left this state of  rainy sunday, the only day of mild silence in the city, running through me like an impulse from the  body and ceased to be a state to become a word. seemingly silly words that don't fit  for nothing, at least to bring relief and call them written desire. So I enjoy these  days that come to be with me and I'm to be with them. Companion of the time.  A moment like this is good for something: it is good for living it in secret -  now - revealed: desire to dance, meet the deafening silence, continue, assume  The  fragility, emancipate and create others in me (transforming me)! A desire to create, to  reflection -  to resist the suffocation of affection and pleasure, that which hardens, that which inhibits, the  which consumes me and rots my spirit ."

(prologue "The body writes")

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